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Avoid these Fashion Trends this Winter

With every change in season comes a runway of new fashion trends, but how do you tell the good from the bad and even the downright ugly? The fact is, not all looks translate from the pages of Vogue to everyday wear, so we take the guesswork out with a helpful winter fashion guide. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that harem—aka MC Hammer—pants became a stubbornly popular trend!

Don’t: Wide brim hat
Sure, the celebrities make these dramatic hats (dubbed Amish hats) look glamorous and stylish, but this is a look best left to the experts. It’s difficult to pull off, and really, what occasion ever calls for a look popularized by farmers?

Do: Oversize beret
This cozy hat is both stylish and functional, and it’s easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Wear it on a weekend lunch date with jeans, or at cocktail hour with your favorite pair of boots.

Don’t: Voluminous shoulders
We’re not sure who invited them, but 80s-style shoulder pads are back at the party. Many fashionistas will insist it’s a must-have look, but even the toned-down versions create an awkward silhouette, in our opinion.

Do: Bold prints
If you are yearning for a statement piece, skip the shoulder pads and go for a bold print. Tartan and animal prints are huge this season, as well as herring bone and bright colors. Just be sure your accessories complement the look, and choose one print at a time.

Don’t: All-fur coat
Arguably, fur coats will always be in style; however we feel this is a rather extreme look. Not to mention, real fur is pricey (and controversial), and an entire coat of fake fur may end up looking cheap.

Do: Coat with a fur-lined hood
If you want to have fun with fur this season, opt for a coat with a fur-lined accent, like a hood. Just pick a neutral color with a classic shape, and the fur will add a pop up of style and fun. In this case, fake fur is an ideal option.

Don’t: Onesies
Okay, this one is more of a “proceed with caution” rather than an absolute don’t. Also known as jumpsuits, this popular trend can be an adorable wardrobe choice for a holiday party, just keep in mind it’s a tough look to pull off and won’t work with every body type. When it doubt, try our next fashion do.

Do: Trouser pants
This menswear-inspired look is all the rage this winter, and for good reason. Trouser pants look chic and flattering on all body types, and they are incredibly versatile. Pair them with a sparkly top for an evening look, or with a tucked-in, button-down shirt at the office.