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Maximize Your Clothing Budget

For most of us, there is just never enough money in the clothing budget to get everything you really want. From shoes and bags to chic work wear and the perfect weekend outfit, the list of must-haves for your dream wardrobe is near endless. And no matter how many expensive lattes you sacrifice in favor of your of the barely palatable office brew, you could probably still use a few pointers on how to maximize your shopping funds.

Maximize Your Clothing Budget
  1. Invest in accessories: No need to buy a head-to-toe new outfit to give yourself a new look. Instead, rock a fun belt or a statement necklace to bring new life to your old duds for just a fraction of the price. Or, experiment with a faux leather tote or a pop of bold color in your shoes. You'll look completely polished and on trend, and no one will notice you're wearing last year's skinny jeans—we promise.
  2. Get bargain basics: The foundation of every good wardrobe is the essentials, like the perfect white tee or your go-to pair of black leggings. And when it comes to stocking up on these basics, skip the pricey department stores and opt for less expensive retailers like Old Navy or Target. This will leave more money to spend on the fun stuff!
  3. Buy clothes that mix and match: Now we're not saying you shouldn't splurge on the occasional trend—like this season's color jeans—but as a whole, the pieces in your wardrobe should complement each other. This way you can wear all your clothes more than a few times, and you'll get more outfits out of items that you can mix and match.
  4. Take care of your shoes: A little TLC goes a long way when it comes to your shoes. Tread carefully when wearing your precious pumps, and take the long way if necessary to avoid walking in puddles, mud, and any other undesirable element. Consider having rubber soles put on your new shoes, as this will extend their life. And finally, skip beading, crystal, and strappy details, as they are most likely to break. The fewer shoes you have to replace, the more new ones you can buy—and the bigger your shoe collection will be!
  5. Keep your cocktail dresses timeless: Nothing is a bigger blow to the budget than a last-minute dress for your college roommate's wedding because everything else you own is out of style or has been seen before. Since you likely aren't wearing cocktail dresses on a weekly basis, you'll want to buy something you can wear again and again and save your budget for every day staples like jeans and work clothes. So keep your cocktail dresses classic and simple, and you can change up the look for different events with jewelry and shoes.