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Upcycle Your Clothes

Ever wish you could walk into your closet, and there would magically be cute new things to wear? Well, we can’t exactly work magic, but upcycling is the next best thing. This refers to the latest trend of taking simple articles of clothing that you already own, and turning them into stylish pieces. And with these easy-to-follow tips, anyone can do it!

Upcycle Your Clothes
  1. T-shirt scarf: Scarves are the season’s must-have accessory, but they can run you as much as $30 just for one. Good thing you can turn a T-shirt into a fringed masterpiece for free, and it’s just as cute as anything you’d find into a store. Simply cut the shirt off below the armpits, cut some fringe and pull, and you’re good to go! For full instructions, click here.
  2. Peplum shirt: With a feminine flare at the waist, it’s no wonder this figure-flattering style is just about everywhere. But save yourself the cost of buying a peplum shirt at the store, and instead make one using an old dress. All it takes is a few snips of the scissors, and them some well-placed folds. For full instructions click here.
  3. Apron shirt: Since cooking is just a little bit more fun in a cute apron, we love the idea of turning a men’s shirt into funky apron. Just cut off the arms and the back, then use the scraps to make straps. And if you’re really handy, you can finish off the raw edges with a sewing machine. For full instructions, click here.
  4. T-shirt dress: There are near endless things you can do with a T-shirt, and one of our favorites is the T-shirt dress. Starting with an oversize T-shirt, turn it inside out and mark your sew lines with chalk. Cut along the lines, re-sew, and add some simple ruching effects. Your friends won’t believe you made it yourself! For full instructions, click here.
  5. Braided belt: Yes, it’s another fantastic idea to turn an old shirt into a fashion statement. Cut four strips of T-shirt, braid them, and sew off the ends. You can find an inexpensive belt buckle to finish it off at your local craft store. We like the idea of using brightly colored shirts to add a pop of interest to your outfit. For full instructions, click here.
  6. Draped vest: Since most of us have an endless number of T-shirts, it’s a good thing there are tons of way to upcycle them! In fact, you can turn a shirt into a flowy, stylish vest in just five minutes. All it takes is a pair of scissors and a few strategic snips. For full instructions, click here
  7. Cardigan sweater: Turn your boring sweater into a cardigan with eye-catching details. Just cut the sweater down the middle, and add a coordinating accent fabric. This is also a great way to salvage a sweater that may have a stain down the front! For full instructions, click here.