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Save More on Healthy Foods

by Stephanie Nelson

I've heard every reason under the sun as to why people don't use grocery coupons. One of the most common reasons is that that there aren't any coupons for "healthy" foods. I disagree! There are many bargains on healthy food items if you know how to combine sales, promotions and even coupons to save the most. Check the store lists in the Grocery Deals by State section at to save money while taking care of your family's health.

First, advertisers and grocery stores are working very hard to provide healthy and organic products to gain our loyalty. They recognize that time-crunched shoppers may also appreciate easy tools to help with healthy meal planning. Look for store magazines with healthy recipes in special racks in your store or at the customer service desk. Subscribe to have your store's magazine mailed to your home-because the mailed versions are more likely to include coupons for recipe items!

Second, smart shoppers know that store brands can be a money-saving alternative to more expensive name brand foods, but organic shoppers do not have as many brand alternatives as traditional shoppers. Fortunately, major retailers like Kroger, Safeway and Meijer now market a full spectrum of organic products under their own private label. As with their other store brands, retailers guarantee the quality of their organic products, so shoppers can either get a refund or a substitution if the product does not meet their expectations. You can't lose with that type of guarantee.

Finally, many shoppers use retailer websites to find sales and plan shopping lists. You can also take advantage of comprehensive resources on health and wellness on retailer sites. For example, Meijer has a special section of their website called "Healthy Living" that includes educational articles, healthy meal plans and recipes with complete calorie and nutritional information, and a question form to ask their dietitian specific questions. Kroger has a "Healthy Living" section with similar features, Safeway has a similar "Wellness" section, and Giant Eagle has a "Health and Wellness" section. Check your favorite grocer's website to take advantage of their free health and wellness tools to get your healthy eating plan off to a great start this year!