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Save a Bundle on Your Highlights

If you weren't lucky enough to be born with naturally sun-kissed tresses, you know all too well the cost of maintaining a perfectly highlighted head of hair. And with the arrival of spring making golden locks more desirable than ever, how is a girl on a budget able to afford salon-quality locks? Read on to score savvy tips on keeping your hair highlighted through the summer and saving a buck or two in the process—pun intended!

Save a Bundle on Your Highlights
  • Don't go more than two shades lighter. The farther away you go from your natural hair color, the more drastic your roots are going to be. This means you'll be booking that touch-up appointment sooner than later, which ultimately means more money out of your pocket. You can still achieve a golden glow without going ultra-light, and your hair will grow in naturally. You can go as long as two to three months in between touch ups when you take the more subtle route, and you may even love the oh-so-trendy ombre effect as your roots begin to show.
  • Don't get a full head every time. It's unnecessary and costly to get a full head or even a half head of highlights at every appointment. Instead, opt for major coloring only every other appointment, and just get face framing highlights in between. You likely won't even miss the extra foils, but you'll definitely notice the extra bucks you are saving! Or, you could also get what's called a root lift or base break to hold you over in between highlights, which is generally a fraction of the price. This is a process in which color is applied to the hair to reduce the contrast between natural and color hair, and it will give your hair just the added warmth and lightening it needs.
  • Don't do it yourself. When it comes to highlights, leave it to the professionals. While home coloring is ideal for covering grays or a whole head color, doing highlights can be tricky. Most likely you'll end up paying not only for the box of highlights, but for expensive color correction at the salon (and maybe a new hat until your emergency appointment).
  • Do in-quality hair care products. When you highlight your hair, the coloring process can leave your hair vulnerable to damage. This is why it's crucial you use products that protect your tresses. Use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically made for color-treated hair (this will also help preserve your color), and always apply a heat protectant before styling.