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Home Makeovers on a Budget

You don't have to spend thousands to give your home a fresh new look. In fact, with a little creativity and some do it yourself knowledge, you can makeover any room even on a fixed budget. So roll up your sleeves, and read our five tips on how you can achieve a million dollar design on a dime.

Home Makeovers on a Budget
  1. Paint. This is one of the easiest ways to achieve big results without spending big bucks. A couple gallons of paint come in under a $100, and will give any room a drastic makeover. The best part is that nothing is off limits when it comes to paint—you can stick to the walls, add a splash of color to the ceiling, or even give worn floors an updated look. Get ultra-creative with chevron stripes or an accent wall with a dramatic color. Our tip: Buy paint with the primer already mixed in—it costs a little extra, but will save you loads of time.
  2. Furniture covers. Buying new furniture is expensive, but slip covers are a budget-friendly alternative. You'll still achieve the look and feel of something different, minus the added cost. It's a great way to hide stains or tears, or just to switch things up on your chairs and couches. Make sure you take accurate measurements and buy the appropriate size for a tailored fit. Our tip: Go for a bold print. Not only will it look great, but it will hide future wear and tear better than a solid.
  3. Area rugs. When it comes to area rugs, there are tons of options to add a polished touch to any room. You can select from a wide variety of textures (braided, shag, woven), shapes (round, square, rectangle), color and patterns. The right rug can give any room added style, so get a little creative and have some fun when selecting yours. Our tip: Consider how much traffic the rug is going to get and buy accordingly. For example, a light colored rug that is placed near the front door will soon show signs of wear and tear. It is better to keep lighter color in the bedrooms and other interior rooms, where fewer people will be walking on them in shoes.
  4. Rearrange your furniture. The best part about this tip? It's totally free! And you might just be amazed at the difference switching around a few key items will make. If you really want to amp up the drama, flip flop furniture from other rooms, or even flip flop entire rooms altogether. Our tip: Map out your moves before you do any heavy lifting, and put large furniture on coasters to make them easier to move.
  5. New hardware. A little hardware goes a long way in giving cabinets, bureaus and sinks a major facelift. Modernize your kitchen in minutes by adding brushed nickel cabinet pulls, or give your dresser drawers a feminine touch with hand-painted knobs. New faucets will make any bathroom or kitchen sink instantly look expensive and new. Our tip: Do some price comparison before making your purchase, and hit the Internet to score major deals.